Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cheer the hell up

It’s a New Year! Yay! Everything will be better! Or will it? Not without your efforts, I dare say. Inspired by reading “The Happiness Project," I thought I’d share a few ways I force myself to feel better when I’m in a crappy mood. Because no one likes a grumpster.

1. Keep a box—either in reality or in your head—in which you store ridiculous items that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Some things that I like to draw upon include a (new) tampon that went through the dryer and achieved the size of a teacup poodle; the incorrect way my friend Vanessa used to pronounce “sachet”; the brilliant cartoon book Unpleasant Ways to Die (side note: this book is also used as a test for whether people I know have a sense of humor).

2. Go outside with the express purpose to find a beautiful natural object. Almost everything natural is fascinating up close, so take a magnifying glass if you have one. I find that after focusing on the iridescence of flower petals, the patterning in clouds, and the range of colors in fall leaves, I sometimes forget why I was in a foul mood in the first place.

If things like this exist, the world can't be all that bad.
3. Make a fake phone call and tell the pretend person all of your problems. They will probably sound ridiculous out loud and you can laugh at yourself and move on.

4. Eat a very ripe piece of fruit with abandon, getting juice all over. Maybe this dredges up the carefree feeling of being a kid, or just helps grown-up problems seem dumb in light of all that juicy goodness…but this always makes me happy.

5. Never underestimate the power of coffee, chocolate, and/or wine, preferably in company of a friend, a good book, or a stupid movie.

6. Look at cute pictures, videos, or go visit some baby humans and animals. Not only is it hard to frown after snuggling a kitten, it might actually increase your productivity afterwards, boosting the satisfaction of your day another way! 

7. Do something a little scary. Learn to surf, go to the Bug Zoo, get a radical haircut. Succeeding at something scary is a great way to boost your self-satisfaction, and the adrenalin will also give you a short-lived buzz to kick you out of your fog.

I did say a little scary. This is too much for me, but may be just what you need.
What is your anti-funk strategy?


  1. great suggestions! I really like #1 and #6. Baby animals and real babies are guaranteed to make me smile :-)

  2. I also have a book to test out people if they are friend-worthy (or worthy of dating my friends. It is a picture book of animal sex that I picked up while I was in England about 5 years ago, sort of along the line of Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation (, but with less words. If you don't think giraffe sex is funny, you're probably going to have a hard time hanging out with my friends.