Thursday, 15 August 2013

Packing for a long-ass flight with your toddler

In a few days, I get to fly with my 22-month-old wiggle monster on my lap to London. Despite the little guy's obsession with airplanes and extensive flying experience, I still worry about keeping him entertained enough such that he doesn't spend the entire time yelling at the top of his lungs (he seems to think this will make things that he is yelling about appear...maybe because they often do...hmm), or throwing things at and kicking our neighbors on the plane as he tries to escape down the aisle while the seat-belt sign is on.

Here is what we are packing, so far:

This is the most amazing thing, ever. A tiny airplane-shaped roll-on bag. R is often entertained for very long periods of time pushing and pulling this around the airport and plane. And, people think it's cute so they stop to smile at and talk to him, which he loves.

BOOKS. Some days, R wakes up instantly asking to read books. Sometimes we can only get him out of the house by promising to bring books along, or to get more books at the library. I find a lot of children's books totally idiotic and confusing (why the f**k are the animals always wearing clothes and not eating one another?), so am hoping that these new larger ones I just picked up at the thrift shop don't suck. Also, a book of vehicles (another obsession) he can draw on top of.

Age-inappropriate toys with small chokable parts. Way more interesting to him now than "baby" toys. The box thing is something that I think opens up and can be used to drive cars around on a little course...we have yet to figure it out so am saving this for the plane. New things are especially wonderful. Also, a tiny ball to lose instantly in the plane...this one currently lives in my purse for emergency entertainment in boring situations.

A container stuffed full of finger puppets (a favorite distractor now is to watch stuffed animals/puppets doing things, like turning the lights on and off above the seat, or eating). Also fun to take out and identify one by one...and put back and repeat. Same for the little bag of tiny chokable animals. This lives in my purse, too.

A little plastic box with removable dividers. This is fun for R to play with, and can double as a snack-holder.

Stickers (this pack is cool because they peel off and can be reused), and crayons (washable).

Next, I need to work on packing approximately 37 different types of snacks...and I guess some clothes and things. Yeehaw.

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