Friday, 31 May 2013

Awesome living

We just moved from Australia back to Encinitas, CA. Phew. I’m exhausted. But I think I owe you a blog post. The move is still too fresh to reflect upon what I’ve learned from this, and my brain is too scattered to compose something thoughtful anyway. So here I’ll offer you some tidbits of random to make life a little more comfortable.

1. Skorts are a totally undervalued article of clothing.
If they don't know it does something else, why show them?

2. Whistles are not good toys for small children unaccustomed to considering the eardrums of bystanders.

3. Apartments look a lot bigger when they are empty and you feel desperate to secure a place to live.

4. People who keep a box of entertaining items for children in the house—though they don’t yet have their own—are amazing. Cherish them.

5. Neighborhoods without sidewalks kind of suck with small kids.

6. You will not remember what you packed in various unlabeled boxes and put into storage three years later. Old, inaccurate labels are similarly unhelpful.
Perhaps specify what you want people to frame when they offer to take your photo. SO glad our legs are in this shot, and not Uluru.    


7. Shopping with a toddler is terrible for everyone involved, unless you let them eat un-paid-for apples, distract them with new crappy plastic toys, and/or allow them to rearrange the toilet plunger display into the aisle.

8. Dolphins are not helpful birthing aides. 
9. It’s really hard to ride a bike when your kid falls asleep in a non-head-supportive baby seat. 

10. Mermaids aren’t real.

And now, it is time for a beer.

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